Wellness Solutions

Introduction :-

In addition to Insurance Broking services JB Boda has an In-house Employee Wellness Solutions unit for Corporates to ensure organizations have healthy, happy & productive employees at the same time controlling employee turnover and enhancing awareness about the importance of healthy lifestyle in our day to day lives.

The other unique thing what our wellness solutions team does is to measure the impact of the wellness program conducted through the year in terms of reduced claims, enhanced employee health & more awareness on health & wellbeing of the organizational population.

Why Wellness ?

A report, jointly prepared by the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum, says India will incur an accumulated loss of $236.6 billion by 2015 on account of unhealthy lifestyles and faulty diet. The resultant chronic diseases - heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and respiratory infections - which are ailments of long duration and slow progression, will severely affect people's earnings. The income loss to Indians because of these diseases, which was $8.7 billion in 2005, has rose to $57 billion in 2014.

India is burdened of 60% of Coronary Artery Disease (Heart Attacks) in the world and is looked upon as the world capital for heart patients by 2018.The untimely death of the below mentioned professionals is testimony enough to showcase the trend in which our corporate India is moving into:

Mr. Ranjan Das   - SAP India                                      Mr. Ravi Mohan - Reliance Industries

Mr. Raghu Pillai - Reliance Industries                      Dr. Nitu Mandke - Sr. Cardio-thoracic Surgeon

We at JB Boda have put in our sincere efforts on working around the above concerns to reinstate health & wellbeing in employees across the country and bring down incidences of large ticket claims. Health Insurance should act like a parachute – i: e when you need it you should have it rather than acting like a rehabilitation program for ever increasing incidences of hospitalizations. 


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