Employee Benefit Practice

EBP is a dedicated & a focused business unit in J B Boda Insurance Broking Company created specifically for serving Corporates on all personal lines of Insurances. We strongly believe employees form the core for any organization and are the biggest assets for companies and thus need to be handled sensitively with a pro-active approach. In that pursuit we have built an innovative service framework circled around employee & client satisfaction by bringing in the best market practices which could be offered under Employee Benefit across the world. Our technology support helps us reach out to every employee ensuring quality attention and resolution for queries on a real time basis. In the process we strive to bring in positive awareness of wellness and related activities ensuring high levels of engagement and participation which will eventually bring down Insurance costs and get up employee health, productivity & morale.

One of the biggest advantages we have over our contemporaries are our human assets who come along with immense wealth of Insurance domain experience worked for over many decades in the Indian Insurance Industry in India & abroad. Collectively we boast of 500+ years of domain knowledge spent into Underwriting, Claims and Servicing & Relationship Management. The network thus formed with the Insurers help us in getting things resolved much faster than anybody else in the Indian Insurance market apart from optimum negotiations during renewals. Our official Presence in 6 different countries and our associate network in 80 countries helps us immensely in bringing about best international practices in operations, servicing & building value proposition for our clients ensuring great experience and long standing relationships.
We also happen to be the only Insurance broking company in India to have our own Insurance training & certification academy as we believe subject knowledge are amongst the key triggers to improve client expectations & respect amongst our peers.   

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